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Browsers with LINK support

Hinweis an deutschsprachige Leser: Dieser Artikel ist auch auf deutsch vorhanden.

In addition to LYNX and iCab, mentioned in the article, there are other browsers that support the LINK element. Below are the results of my research. If you know of additional browsers, please contact me!

The complete list

iCab andLynx: see article

On this page:
Internet Explorer
CAB for Atari
AOLpress 2.0
NCSA Mosaic 3.0

Internet Explorer

Thanks to Thomas J. Gritzan there's finally LINK support in Internet Explorer! The toolbar is available in English and German and additionally provides a Pop-up blocker and direct search engine access.

Opera 7

Opera 7. Opera now also sports support for LINK elements. The link toolbar only shows if there are link elements present in the page.

The LINK toolbar in Opera 7
Screenshot by Hendrik Krauß

Mozilla 1.1

Mozilla 1.1. In Version 1.0 the feature was deactivated, but since Version 1.1 Mozilla finally has a LINK-Toolbar, now called "Site Navigation Bar". This useful feature is disabled by default, and buried deep in the menus - it takes four mouseclicks to activate the toolbar:

Mozilla Settings
Screenshot by Kalin Kozhuharov

The presentation of the LINK elements hasn't changed since Version 0.9.5 nicht verändert:
LINK in Mozilla
Screenshot by Marc Schirrmacher

CAB for Atari

CAB 2.7 for Atari, 1999. CAB, the predecessor of iCab, was developed for the Amiga. In CAB, a symbol indicates the presence of LINK elements: the blue double arrow in image 1.
When you click on this symbol, a small pop-up window opens with buttons for the most common LINK navigation elements: Start, Inhalt (content), Index, Glossar (glossary), Vor (forward), Zurück (back), etc. This is visible in image 2. This implimentation is quite as userfriendly as in iCab.(images and information provided by Alexander Clauss, developer of CAB and iCAB).

1Hinweis auf <code>LINK</code> in CAB
2Navigationselemente in CAB

AOLpress 2.0

AOLpress 2.0 This browser by America Online, Inc., is no longer being developed and 'only' available for the Windows operating systems.
LINK im AOLPress Browser


UdiWWW in the LEO Archive has the latest executables. Information in README.TXT, the readme file on the FTP-Server of University of Ulm. This FTP server does not have the latest executable available.
This browser was developed by Bernd Richter at the University of Ulm. The most current version is dated 1996, this browser is no longer being developed.

NCSA Mosaic 3.0 The browser developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications is available for X Windows, Apple, and Microsoft Windows. According to a note from 1997, it is no longer being developed.
LINK in NCSA Mosaic30
(click on the image for a larger image with the whole LINK navigation bar)


EMACS W3: Screenshot by Karl Stas from Belgium (Thanks!)
Screenshot shows LINK support in  EMACS W3
(click on image for even larger view)


AWEB on Amiga. See for a few images that show its LINK support in action.


Links for Unix und OS/2

LINK in Links

Image: Toby A Inkster

Rumours about other browsers

The following browsers might or might not support the LINK Element:

Comments about LINK can also be found at the W3C website: