Some articles

I don't really write all that much, but a man's got to do what -wait, wrong movie- I might as well link to them from one page.

First of all, here is my rather popular article about colouring forms. Stay tuned for even more hideous examples in the near future.

And for those who love doctypes, here's my attempt at figuring out the doctype switching in different browsers.

The ruckus about XHTML2.0 prompted me to write Personal websites - a thing of the past?

Something else "in the works" are two little itsy bits about CSS for tables: CSS and the colgroup element and CSS and table borders.

My slightly controversial comment about the Browser Upgrade Campaign.

Files in the /test directory are definitely still under development. And of course, some of the more advanced CSS will look rather ugly in an old browser. Bear that in mind when you try to implement this stuff on commercial sites.

A bunch of interesting German articles are available in the translations directory (yes, I translated them from English to German).

Hmm, that's about it. There's some really half-baked stuff in my test directory, but you don't want to read about that right now.

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